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Idaho Radon is western Idaho's leader for radon testing and mitigation. With a reputation for fantastic workmanship and excellent customer service, when you need your radon problems solved, we're the experts for the job. Idaho Radon offers free consultations and fast professional service, so there's no reason not to call us today. Let us help you eliminate your radon problem for the safety of your family and your home!

If your radon gas test shows that your building contains unsafe levels, our professionals will provide you with a mitigation solution designed specifically for your building’s construction type. Because our radon abatement systems are subtle and customized, they will not drastically change the exterior aesthetic of your building while reducing the dangerous gas in your home to a safe level. With Idaho Radon, you get the safety you deserve without detracting from the beauty of your home. We're your answer for radon testing, abatement, and more.

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In addition to the mitigation of radon, the systems we install also effectively lower humidity levels in your building. The venting of this moist air is an important preventative measure against mold. Like radon, certain types of mold are known to cause cancer, as well as other health troubles. Radon mitigation systems could be vital to protecting the current and future health of everyone who may live on or visit your property.

At Idaho Radon, we're dedicated to bringing you the absolute best in radon mitigation. With our extensive experience, superior quality products, and the latest technology, we're able provide the best craftsmanship and results, all at a fair price! Call today for your free estimate or to get additional information about how our radon contractors can help you.